Siah was born on the 21st of November 1987 in Hackney, East London UK. Siah is a hugely talented artist, poet, rapper, songwriter and singer who has been writing recording producing and performing music from the age of 13. He grew up in and around a musical environment; His mother who is a school teacher was a huge roots and reggae lover and would play her music loudly around the house. Education and African culture was very important in his family, growing up and listening to the likes of Bob Marley and Sons, Buju Banton, The Abyssinians, Sizzla. This gave him inspiration from an early age. His father was also a talented musician and poet influences can be found in Siah’s music. 

Growing up during the house and garage era caused him to get involved in MCing and DJing as hobby whist still in school. After realising his talent, this quickly became a love, a necessity and a way of life for Siah who has never looked back to this day.

Listening to Pirate radio was a daily thing, with stations like Mystic 98.1, Déjà v 92.3, Raw Mission 90.0, Rinse Fm103.2, Heat Fm 96,6 and Flava 87.6 being amongst the few that shaped the way Siah would approach music. This was because these stations were some of the first to play the modern grime music sound that you hear today. It wasn’t long before Siah began appearing on these radio stations with a crew going by the name Genesis Crew. This consisted of his brother, a group close friends from school and also other talented mcs from the local area. It wasn’t until the age of 16 that Siah began really recognising, loving and listening to other music such as hip hop, indie rock, soul, blues, jazz to name a few. Listening to a wide range of genres enabled Siah to become the multitalented artist that you hear today bringing and combining different sounds from all genres and cultures and applying it to his current creations.

Siah has made his name today working with well know names and faces in the UK scene. Including the likes of: Krept and Konan, Sneakbo, Cashtastic, Mercston, Marvell, Sean Rumsey, Rude Kid and many more.